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I just really like this image, it was part of a black and white exposé I shot in NYC.  Good times...


It was always my dream to be behind the lens creating great images and videos in service of my client's wishes...I'm happy to say every day that is exactly what I do.  Couple that dream with many years and so many different experiences in the industry, I'm able to provide great versatility and creativity for you as a freelance photographer and film cameraman, DP and editor.  


Brass tacks...this is my passion, and I want to create compelling, beautiful images and video to represent your photography and film production needs!   My portfolio provides a great glimpse to my abilities, and says, "I'm ready to join your production team!"



My World


It's my passion. I enjoy photography and film professionally, and as my personal hobbies. Always striving to better my craft, I continually tell my friends and family that I'm simply...

"Just livin' the dream!"


My friends are always asking where I'm off to next as I am always ready to blaze a trail to the next beautiful part of the world I have yet to explore!  


Yah, I love my food...and finding amazing places to eat during my travels has become an obsession...if you want some suggestions, just let me know!

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